Drinking Pop May Lead To Drinking Alcohol!   

Don't let your kids drink pop, LOL! They may turn into boozers!

Kids who drink pop daily are more likely to try alcohol within one year…

An alarming new study reveals a link between children guzzling pop daily and underage drinking. 

South Korean researchers say that young children who frequently consume caffeinated soda may be at a higher risk of alcohol consumption months later.

The Seoul National University study, which involved over 2,000 children between nine and 10 years old, revealed that those who drank caffeinated soda daily were twice as likely to admit to trying alcohol a year later.

This study is the first to demonstrate a link between caffeinated beverages and future substance use in young children. The research also indicates that daily caffeinated soda drinkers exhibit traits such as increased impulsivity and poorer working memory, which are known risk factors for substance use disorders.