Ed Sheeran Says That He Now Films All Writing Sessions

This is an effort to prevent future Copyright issues

In a new interview on BBC2’s News Night, Ed told the programme that he now records every single writing session.


“I just film everything to prevent a similar case ever being brought in the future.  We’ve had claims come through on songs and we go, ‘Well here’s the footage and you watch, and you’ll see that there’s nothing there.’”


Ed recently won a copyright case over claims that he ‘plagiarized’ his song ‘Shape Of You.’  Sami, who goes by Sami Switch, claimed his ‘Oh I’ hook was ‘strikingly similar to the ‘Oh Why’ that’s featured in Ed’s ‘Shape of You.’


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After an 11-day trial, Justice Zacaroli ruled that Ed ‘neither deliberately nor subconsciously’ copied the phrase when writing ‘Shape Of You.’  Before this case (2017), Ed settled a $20 million copyright case over his single ‘Photograph.’