Elton John Says The Best Burger In The World Is In Toronto!

So the next time you're in the six!

Elton John says the Best Burger in the World is in Toronto! Elton has had many years to experience every restaurant in every city and if Elton Says its the best… I believe him…

Elton John hit the Vinyl record shop Sonic Boom last month and sold out two concerts and just this week took to social to say…

Elton John poses with Sonic Boom record store employees Lauren Mayer, left, and Ali Haberstroh in Toronto in this photo from Sonic Boom’s twitter page. Elton John surprised employees at Toronto record shop Sonic Boom on Tuesday when he strolled into the store and bought a number of albums. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, @SonicBoomMusic, Twitter 

“Every time we come to Toronto, David and I pop into the Senator Diner for the best burger in the world,” Elton shared in an Instagram post.

The Senator is the oldest restaurant in Toronto having been there since 1948. Word is getting around about this place as last month Gordon Ramsay stopped in for breakfast.