How many awards shows will be put on hold?

The Emmy Awards have been postponed due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild strikes. The unions for both guilds have also forbidden members to attend awards shows or take part in promotional events.

The Emmys, which honours excellence in television and streaming, had been planned for Sept. 18, but will now take place on a later date to be determined by the Television Academy and Fox, pending the outcome of the strikes. The presentation is now expected to air in January.

The ongoing Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild strikes have shut down TV and film productions all over the world, as members have been picketing in Los Angeles and New York. Actors and writers are seeking higher wages and clear guidelines regarding the use of artificial intelligence. The WGA has been out of work since May.

Pretty much all the major studios are trying to fill high-paying A.I. jobs. This is probably alarming to striking writers and actors since being replaced by A.I. is one of their biggest concerns.