Did you do any spring cleaning this weekend? 

Google Trends just posted a bunch of stats on the most popular spring-cleaning searches.  And it sounds like a lot of us are finally getting started.


The phrase “spring cleaning” itself has been trending the last few weeks.  It normally starts around February 1st, and interest peaks around the end of March.


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Here are a few stats from Google Trends.


1.  Searches for the “spring cleaning checklist” have doubled in the past week.


2.  The top “how to clean” searches right now are:  “How to clean Airpods”, “How to clean a cast-iron skillet”, “How to clean white shoes”, “How to clean suede shoes”, and “How to clean a dishwasher.”


3.  “Where to donate?”  The top search like that right now is “where to donate clothing.”  So a lot of us are cleaning out our closets.



4.  The top-trending cleaning product is an all-purpose cleaner called The Pink Stuff.  TikTok claims it’s amazing.  “The New York Times” gave it mixed reviews last year though.  They said it’s good for keeping things clean, but not the best deep-cleaner.



5.  The top five “how to organize” searches right now are:  “How to organize kitchen cabinets”, “How to organize your closet”, “How to organize a pantry”, “How to organize your fridge”, and “How to organize your LIFE.”