Foods We Don’t Share…

49% of people can’t stand friends who take food of their plate!

KFC commissioned this research to promote the introduction of its signature fries…

Do you share your fries, or is that a dating dealbreaker? 

Over 10 percent of adults are steadfast about not sharing their food, finding the act of friends sneaking bites from their plates to be a major annoyance.

A survey of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom revealed that 49 percent get particularly irked when someone takes food off their plate without permission. Additionally, 27 percent dislike the expectation of splitting meals and sampling from everyone’s dishes.

When dining out, 53 percent experience “food envy,” wishing they had ordered what someone else is enjoying. Almost a quarter admit to requesting a taste.

Among those reluctant to share, 37 percent justify their stance by stating they order what they like and expect to enjoy it by themselves.

“The research proves that fry-snatching is one of the nation’s biggest gripes, so we challenged ourselves to create something to stop them once and for all.”

Another 29 percent would prefer to buy someone a separate meal rather than share some of theirs. 

Fifteen percent have had an actual argument when someone swiped their fries after claiming they weren’t hungry.

Fries rank among the top four foods people are most reluctant to share, followed closely by pizza, ice cream, and chocolate.