Wait, what?

We already know better than to nuke plastic—or heaven forbid aluminum foil—but certain foods can become downright toxic when blasted in the microwave.

The microwave has been a staple in people’s homes for decades and younger generations can’t even imagine making oatmeal, hot chocolate or popcorn without it.

So many of us are using the microwave incorrectly for reheated foods.

We know to never zap aluminum foil, metal or plastic, but there are equally dangerous risks involved in nuking certain foods.

Here’s the list of foods We Shouldn’t Microwave…

Shelled or unshelled, when a hard-boiled egg is cooked in a microwave, the moisture inside creates an extreme steam buildup, like a miniature pressure cooker, to the point where the egg can explode! Even scarier, the egg won’t burst inside the microwave while it’s being heated, but afterward, which means the scalding hot egg can erupt in your hand, on your plate, or even in your mouth. 

The FDA recommends that breast milk and formula be thawed and reheated in a pot on the stove, or using hot tap water. As a workaround, you could heat a cup of water in the microwave and then drop the bag or bottle of breast milk in it to thaw.

Processed meats often contain chemicals and preservatives that extend their shelf lives. Unfortunately, microwaving them can make those substances worse for your health. In microwaving processed meats, we might unknowingly be exposed to chemical changes such as oxidized cholesterol in the process.

Several studies confirm that once rice comes out of the microwave and is left out at room temperature, any spores it contains can multiply and cause food poisoning if you eat it. (The humid environment of the warm rice makes it an ideal breeding ground.)

The most important thing to realize about microwaves is that their heat does not always kill bacteria, because microwaves heat from the outside in instead of the inside out. As such, certain bacteria-prone reheated foods will have a higher risk of causing sickness when these bacterial cells survive.

LEAFY GREENS, BEETS, HOT PEPPERS And FRUIT Should not be reheated in the microwave…