Give Mom This!

I can almost guarantee that $186 worth of gifts is NOT what Mom wants the most this Mother's Day.

According to the surveys, people are going to spend about $186 on Mother’s Day this year. While there are a few things I’d like such as a bath pillow (appx. $15), that Turkish bath towel I saw at Homesense (appx $15) or another “wood with plastic bottom” planter from Lee Valley (appx $55), I can’t think of $186 dollars worth of stuff.

I can think of some priceless things…. things which I believe most mothers want:


A nice long bath without being bugged by anyone.


Getting to really sleep in and then do nothing for the rest of the day- no cleaning, no cooking.

Photo: Bob Peters Flikr


For mothers of older children and grandchildren, just spending time with their kids and grandkids is very special. So, if you live near mom, just go see her! Skype or  Facetime if you live far away!

I’d also like someone to weed my garden but my children are too young for that!


Happy Mother’s Day!