Goldfish Crackers Wants Adults To Eat Their Childish Snack!

Everyone is a kid at heart!

The Goldfish cracker made by Pepperidge Farms is rolling out a new line of snacks called Goldfish Mega Bites, with the aim to appeal to adults. Mega Bites come in two flavours: Sharp Cheddar and Cheddar Jalapeno.

These goldfish will be bigger than the traditional goldfish you jam in your kid’s lunch.  They will be the coy of crackers, lol!



Pepperidge Farms noted that they saw a huge demand for their crackers during the pandemic with more people at home and snacking a lot.



Fun Fact: 47% of Goldfish buyers don’t have children…



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Plus the fun fish cracker snacks are nostalgic since they’ve been around since 1962.  Back then, they weren’t targeted at kids, but since the 90s, Goldfish has been marketed as a kid’s snack!



To get more adults on board, Goldfish have been marketed on TikTok showcasing Goldfish Vanilla Cupcake Grahams paired with espresso martinis.



Either way, Goldfish crackers are delicious and are “the snack that smiles back.”