Google Has Been In Our Lives For 20 Years!

The good, the bad and the ugly!


It was twenty years ago that two students in their garage made it their life mission to organize all the information in the world for everyone to access!  Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google search on September 4th, 1998!

It’s incredible what we’ve had access too over 20 years… useful and not-so-useful information… Google maps, Gmail, YouTube….  Google also allowed us to communicate in over 100 languages with the translate feature and has allowed us to see the World let never before with Google Earth…

So Google starting up in 1998 but has only tracked what we are searching since 2005!

In 2005, trending search words including social network sites Hi5, web messenger and MSN… Crazy Frog, that annoying song and the online game Stick Cricket…


In 2007 Facebook took over the most searched thing online

In 2008 people were looking up pictures of Mila Kunis and playing Hannah Montana games.

In 2012, people were searching how to unfollow friends

In 2013 it was all about Miley Cyrus’s MTV twerking video

Here are more searches over the years


Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.  Why Google can be BAD for you!

It’s affecting our memory. It’s so easy just to google something, research has shown that we don’t remember as much. And worse, when asked a question, our first thought is “let me google that”.

Here’s the research

And just in case you’re wondering, there are things you can do without google… I dare you to try!

Things you can do without google