Got A Weak Grip? You May Die Sooner Than Later!

Older adults with weaker grips are more prone to disease, and earlier death.

There are the obvious signs of aging — such as wrinkles and gray hair — and then there are the less visible signs, such as a weaker grip. 

A new study has found if you have trouble opening jars, turning doorknobs and shaking someone’s hand with a firm grip, could mean you have an underlining health issue.

According to the study, after the age of 60, grip strength can decline by up to 25%.

There have been many studies showing that people with muscle weakness are at a higher risk for diseases and tend to die earlier than stronger people.

The study found that those with weaker grips demonstrated “DNA methylation age acceleration” — which means they showed signs of aging faster than did those with stronger grips.

Is this reversible? Meaning, if you work on strengthening your grip, will it help you live longer?  Nope, say the research team!

Grip strength is correlated to overall body strength — so if your grip is strong, there’s a good chance your arms, legs, stomach and other body parts are also strong.

As you get older and lose muscle mass, you should focus on healthy nutrition and regular physical activity! 

While grip strength exercises might not be a guaranteed health booster, they can make daily life easier and more enjoyable.