Which is the lesser of two evils?

Thanks to the pandemic, more people are doing their grocery shopping online, which lets them avoid all the annoying things about grocery stores, in exchange for all the annoying things about grocery delivery.



A recent survey asked people to rank the most irritating things about grocery shopping IN PERSON, and the Top 10 answers were:



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Long lines, stores rearranging inventory, other carts in your way, other shoppers invading your personal space, lack of stock, slow walkers, forgetting something, carts that don’t move well, the “unexpected item in the bagging area” at self-checkout, and indecisive shoppers.



And the Top 10 most irritating things about shopping for groceries ONLINE were:


Getting “substitute” items that you don’t like, items being out of stock or unavailable, missing items, struggling to get a delivery slot, not being able to get a convenient delivery slot, trouble finding what you need online, not being able to easily browse for particular options, having to pay more than in the store, the items not being delivered in bags, and the process taking too long.