We Will Spend Over 8-Months Of Our Lives In The Grocery Store

We spend how much on food?

We typically hit up a grocery store three times a week and will spend just about 40 minutes there each time.


This amounts to nearly two hours a week or the equivalent of more than four whole days a year.


A further 22 minutes is spent simply driving to and from the store on each visit during a typical seven-day period.



Related: 64% of people go down every aisle when they grocery shop…



An average of 19 products are purchased during each trip, which then takes 11 minutes to put away once at home – amounting to 186,732 items purchased over the typical adult lifetime.



The most popular time to go to the grocery store is 12:53 on Saturday. Each time we go to the grocery store we will spend about $92.  This will work out to over $905,300 in our lifetime.



Top Annoyances When Shopping at The Grocery Store!

Waiting in a long line
New layouts that mean you can’t find anything
People not moving out of the way
Other people getting too close in the aisles
Lack of stock
Slow Walkers
Forgetting to buy something
wonky wheels on the cart
‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ when using a self-checkout till
Other customers take ages to decide while you’re waiting