Grocery Stores Might Get Avocado Scanners To Help You Find Ripe Ones

Can you really tell if it's ripe by squeezing it?

You can tell how ripe an avocado is by squeezing it, but obviously, that’s pretty complicated.  So bring on the robots!  

A new gadget is on the way that can tell you exactly how ripe avocados are.  It’s called the “RipeFinder”, and it debuts at a trade show in Orlando this week.

First, you use your idiot brain to find an avocado that might be ripe.  Then you put it on a scanner that uses A.I. to tell whether it is or not.

If it’s not ripe yet, it tells you when it will be.  Like, “Your avocado will be ready in 4 to 5 days.”  So that might be helpful for anyone who likes to plan out their avocado-eating several days in advance.

Jokes aside, the point is to cut down on food waste.  So you could buy three or four avocados at once, knowing they won’t get ripe all at the same time.  And depending on the level of ripeness, it also says things like, “Your avocado is ready for a salad.”  Or if it’s overly ripe, it might be better for guacamole.

If this week’s demo is a hit, you could start seeing RipeFinders at grocery stores soon.  And maybe they’ll come up with more scanners too, for things like bananas and cantaloupes.