Gross eating habits we’re all guilty of.

Have you ever used your fingers as a spoon, just like Joey on "Friends" with his peanut Butter fingers?

According to a recent survey by Buzzfeed, 70% of us sometimes use our finger as a spoon to eat things like peanut butter or icing when we eat cake.

Here are eight more gross eating stats . . .

1.  Do you ever eat food that’s fallen on the floor?  57% said yes.
2.  Do you ever lick your fingers clean after you eat?  64% admitted to it.
3.  Do you ever end up with food all over your face?  54% of us do.  83% said they sometimes spill on their clothes, and 45% sometimes get food in their HAIR.
4.  Do you make chewing or slurping noises when you eat?  Only 25% said yes.
5.  Do you ever talk with food in your mouth?  Only 43% said yes, which seems low.
6.  Do you ever lick your plate clean?  35% of people said they do it.
7.  Do you ever pick food out of your teeth and then swallow it?  70% said yes.
8.  Do you ever eat something that’s too hot . . . spit it out . . . wait for it to cool down . . . and put it back in your mouth?  45% of people said yes.