Hallmark Channel Filming a Movie in Downtown Bracebridge This Week

Happening on Manitoba Street, Oct. 13-17

Beginning today, (Oct. 13) a portion of Downtown Bracebridge is becoming a movie set for The Hallmark Channel.

The Hallmark Movie Channel will be filming part of an autumn movie called
“Tycoon’s Kiss” during the week of October 13-17 in Downtown Bracebridge. Film crews will be onsite
transforming sections of our Downtown into a small American town. Businesses will be open as usual.

Bracebridge Mayor, Graydon Smith shared a few behind the scenes pics for us today.

During the filing week there will be intermittent pedestrian stoppages in the downtown area; a road closure
on Manitoba Street from Taylor Road to Dominion Street (October 15-16); restricted parking in some
sections; and the complete closure of one parking lot in Downtown Bracebridge.

I am so proud of the Town of Bracebridge and the Retailers who have embraced the opportunity to give our main street a…

Posted by Downtown Bracebridge BIA on Sunday, October 14, 2018

This isn’t the first time Hallmark film crews and actors have utilized the beauty of Bracebridge. In May of 2018 they shot a movie called, “The Knight Before Christmas.” Ironically Bracebridge is the perfect winter small town movie setting and they even pulled it off in the Spring.

Living in Bracebridge all my life I take our town for granted, last night I looked at our town with different eyes and…

Posted by Downtown Bracebridge BIA on Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cover Photo: John Pokocky