Halloween Etiquette When Heading Out Trick or Treating!

Trick or Treat smell my feet...


  1. Wait Your Turn. Don’t rush in if other trick-or-treaters are already at the door. Stand back and wait until the group has left and then approach the door.
  2. Ring the Bell. Ring only once. If no one comes to the door after one ring, move on to the next house.
  3. Trick-or-Treat, Please and Thank You. Say trick or treat and please when someone answers the door. Say thank you after you receive your treat.
  4. Don’t be Picky. Don’t search through the goodies looking for the perfect treat. Take what’s offered without complaint or grab an item from the top of the candy bowl.
  5. One Piece. Take one piece of candy unless the host insists take more.
  6. Respect the Property. Stay on sidewalks and off of neighborhood lawns. Don’t throw candy wrappers on the ground.
  7. Lights Out. No light means no trick-or-treating. Pass over homes if their lights are turned out.
  8. Closing Time. Trick or treating should end by 9 o’clock or sooner. Don’t treat or treat past 9:00 PM.