Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary!

There’s only one word that can describe Pink’s romance with her husband, Carey Hart: “Yum.” […]

There’s only one word that can describe Pink’s romance with her husband, Carey Hart: “Yum.”

At least, that’s how Pink described it over the weekend, when she shared a throwback photo of the two of them in honor of their 11-year wedding anniversary. The sweet pic shows Pink locking lips with Hart at a red-carpet event.

Pic posted and this message…

“Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum 👅 that’s one for every year care bear. I really like you this week.
#happyanniversarymylove I’m very lucky to be able to say that you’re mine. Thanks for sticking around “


Kim Kardashian is able to rest a little easier this morning….

Police have arrested 16 people in the Paris region over the October 3 robbery…
Men are aged between 50 and 72 and most have criminal records, source says. 
  The arrests were made in part thanks to traces of DNA left behind at the scene.  All are accused of breaking into the reality TV star’s Paris apartment block last October, and tying her up at gunpoint, along with a security guard.  The sixteen men’s homes are still being searched, with documents and other potential evidence being seized.  Raids are also underway at other key premises, including a jewellery shop in the centre of Paris.


Remember when the Golden Globes were a laugh? That time is definitely over.

Considering that the Golden Globes take place on a platform of free-flowing alcohol and everyone knows that prize-wise, they don’t really count…

Jimmy Fallon was better than expected. The opening bit, imitating La La Land, was pretty great. Near the end he returned to full annoying mode, but never mind.

The Highlights…

Ryan Gosling’s classy thank-you speech, acknowledging Ryan Reynolds with humour and thanking his partner, Eva Mendes, for raising their kids so he could do the movie.

Meryl Streep noting that Ryan Gosling, “Like all nice people, is Canadian.” And Speaking of Meryl…. Meryl Streep earned a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes Sunday and in accepting, turned the spotlight away from herself.

She defended Hollywood and journalists, honoured the late Carrie Fisher and took shots at President-elect Donald Trump, without mentioning his name.