Here Are the Top Tim Hortons Timbits of 2021

What's your favourite Timbit?

Ahead of their 45th anniversary, Tim Hortons revealed their top five Timbits across Canada, with most Canadians reaching for the Chocolate Glazed. Birthday Cake, Honey Dip, Old Fashioned Plain and Sour Cream Glazed also made it into the top five for 2021.



A regional breakdown also found the Chocolate Glazed came in at number in Ontario, Quebec, and Western Canada.  However, Atlantic Canada’s choice-of-Timbit is the Old Fashioned Plain.


The Timbit was introduced back in 1976 and since then, dozens of flavours have made their way into our homes – Cotton Candy, Old Fashioned Cinnamon, Apple Fritter, Banana Cream Filled, Chocolate Peanut Crunch and Chocolate White Coconut.



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