We Deserve To Indulge Over The Holidays, But It Comes With A Price!

Go ahead, eat that pie!

From big family dinners to sweet holiday treats, over half of the people have broken a diet due to the temptation of holiday foods, according to a new study.



The fourth annual “Writing Off the End of the Year” survey explored the eating habits of 2,000 people who celebrate a winter holiday — and found few can resist overindulging during the festive season, regardless of whether they’re breaking a diet to do so.



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The results of the survey found that the average person will gain eight pounds throughout the holiday season.  This number beats out last year where the average person gained six pounds.  This number is on top of the “quarantine 15” since March 2020.

But most don’t seem too worried about it as 90% of people say that they intend to enjoy this holiday season without the worry of maintaining a healthy diet.



That may be due to stress from the pandemic, which prompted 65% of people to feel they “deserve” treats this year, more than in other years.





  • Eaten so much they’ve had to undo a button on their pants or loosen a belt (48%)
  • Eaten more than one of the same meal in a day (45%)
  • Eaten until they feel sick, unwell or full to bursting (39%)
  • Deliberately worn stretchy clothes to accommodate overeating (39%)
  • Eaten more than one dessert at a meal (36%)
  • Eaten more than three meals in a day (35%)
  • Eaten an extra-large midnight snack (20%)