Holiday Hometown Hook-Ups! Many People Go Home For It!

(Sounds like a Hallmark Movie)

Most will seek casual sex while home for the holidays! There’s no place like home for the holidays, especially if you’re single.

A new survey revealed that nearly 60% of travellers plan to have “casual sex” while visiting their hometown this month, while 70% of respondents admitted to fooling around at home in past years.

(What towns are these???)

A poll asked 850 singles aged 18 to 44 about their X-rated festivities this winter and more than half of bachelors had “more casual sex” than normal while home for the holidays while only 35% of women reported the same.

People hook up for all kinds of reasons: loneliness, nostalgia, boredom, horniness.” Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt you’re spreading some Christmas cheer!  

Fret not, parents — your adult kids aren’t necessarily getting it on under your roof. Only 10% would dare do the dirty in their family home, while 24% would opt for the other person’s house or even book a hotel. A 2015 Zipcar survey also revealed that one in 10 Americans prefer a roadside “quickie” while travelling.