Household Hacks and Problem-Solving Solutions That Involve Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter can save the day!

Peanut butter, a kitchen staple cherished by many worldwide, isn’t just for sandwiches or blending with jelly. 

Beyond its typical roles, this creamy concoction has surprisingly unconventional uses.

The idea that peanut butter has uses beyond being a tasty spread might sound like something out of a trivia contest.

Even so, here are alternative uses for peanut butter — from clever household tricks to unexpected problem-solving.

  1. Gum remover
  2. DIY bird feeder
  3. Leather polish
  4. DIY ant trap
  5. Squeak-free fix for hinges
  6. Hairball aid for pets
  7. Fish bait
  8. Sticky residue remover
  9. Flavourful meat tenderizer
  10. 10. Shaving cream