How Do You Eat A Candy Cane?

How many candy canes do you eat during the holidays?

A sure sign that the holiday season is here- Candy canes are everywhere!  Some are small, some are big-all a delicious holiday treat.  But when you eat them, how do you eat them? 

In a new consumer survey, found that 55% of people start with the straight end, 28% go for the curved end first and 17% of consumers choose to break it into pieces. 

It makes sense that this debate heats up as the weather cools down: 93% of people say they plan to share chocolate and candy with friends and family for the winter holiday season.

Chocolate and candy play a fun and unique role in all of the festivities around the winter holidays – and they have a meaningful impact on how families celebrate, enhancing traditions and helping to make special memories…

Seasonal treating is an important part of these traditions for families across the country and around the world – whether playing dreidel for chocolate coins, adorning a Christmas tree with candy canes or delivering a gift to a loved one, chocolate and candy enliven the spirit of togetherness that is so emblematic of the season.

Here are a couple of other answers from the survey to the following questions…

  • What’s the best kind of foil-wrapped chocolate?
    • 46% Santas
    • 30% coins
    • 24% snowmen
  • Which type of candy cane do consumers prefer?
    • 73% classic peppermint
    • 27% fun flavours