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A new report explains the unrealistic impact that porn has on the perception of sexual performance and mental health…

This new report points out how long it should last vs what people think is the appropriate amount of sexy time…

Men typically last five and a half minutes during sex, according to the survey results, though people think they should last twice as long.

The report suggests that attitude could be attributed to the viewing of pornography, with 33 percent of men consuming pornographic content at least once a week, if not more.  

This gap between expectations and reality can contribute to men feeling inadequate in bed, the report found.

One staggering statistic in the report is that 59 percent of men believe porn either positively impacts, or has no impact on, their sexual performance, but 33 percent of women have a different opinion on how porn impacts their partner’s performance.

Men believe if they mimic the acts seen in pornography, they will please the person they are with, according to the report.

The study confirms that porn can create unrealistic views on expectations of men and women, normalize aggressive behaviour toward women, and decrease arousal. Some studies suggest it has links to erectile dysfunction.

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