How Much Weight People Are Expecting To Gain From Now Until The End of The Year

Calories don't count at Christmas!

New research has revealed that a quarter of people are still carrying their holiday weight from last year!

A new poll reveals that 60% of people will gain weight before the end of the year.

It’s hard not to,  as this is the time of year when many people celebrate by exchanging gifts, seeing family and eating more food than usual.

But despite 24% continuing to carry the weight they gained last year, they are still planning to be unhealthy this year — in fact, four in 10 respondents (42%) are using the end of the year as an excuse to postpone eating healthily.

Those looking to indulge, have already started!

And the average respondent expects to gain five and a half pounds before 2023 — on top of any weight, they’re still carrying around from last year’s holiday season.


  • Eaten more than one dessert at a meal — 41%
  • Eaten more than one of the same meal in a day — 35%
  • Eaten more than three meals in a day — 35%
  • Eaten an extra-large midnight snack — 26%
  • Eaten so much I’ve had to undo a button on my pants or loosen a belt — 24%
  • Deliberately worn stretchy clothes to accommodate overeating — 19%
  • Hid my favourite holiday foods/treats to save for later — 18%
  • Eaten until I feel sick/unwell/full to bursting — 17%

Almost 50% of people say that they will attempt to get healthy and eat better in the New Year!


  • Save more money — 57%
  • Eat healthier — 55%
  • Exercise more — 54%
  • Focus on self-care — 49%
  • Improve my work/life balance — 42%