How Much We’re Willing To Spend On Our Significant Other This Holiday Season & The gifts you Should Avoid giving!

It's better to gift then be in the doghouse! released a severe that shed light on how much money we’re willing to spend on our person this holiday season.

According to the newly collected data, 47% of people are capping their spending at $125. Additional findings revealed the top gifts to avoid giving your significant other. 

A longer relationship means more money spent: 66% of respondents believe that the amount of money spent on holiday gifts should depend on how long the couple has been exclusively dating. 71% said they wouldn’t spend any money on a gift at all if they were with their partner for 7 months or less.

More than half of couples are opting for more heartfelt gifts, opting for experiential and sentimental gifts. 

Respondents indicated framed pictures of pets and cooking classes will be popular gifts to give this year. Affordability and shared experiences are emerging as a current gifting trend.

No gifts agreement: 43% of respondents in relationships have agreed to not buy gifts for each other for the holidays. However, 62% of those who agreed to refrain from gifting have bought something for their partner anyway, but got no gift in return.

Better to be safe than sorry!

38% said they would break up with their significant other if they didn’t receive an appropriate gift. 35% of people have broken up with their partner after they received an inappropriate or disappointing gift or no gift at all.

Here are gifts NOT to give!

Household items, i.e. a Roomba
A House