How Much Would You Pay To Avoid All The Stress And Work That Comes With Christmas?

If you could, would you?

How much would you pay to avoid all the stress associated with the holidays?   According to a new survey by Yelp, here are 10 things that stress us out this time of year, and how much we’d pay to have someone else deal with them:

To have someone put up all our decorations, inside and outside. ($143)

To have them all taken down. ($128)
To have all your holiday shopping done for you. ($121)
To have all your gifts perfectly wrapped for everyone. ($96)

To guarantee your significant other will love their present? ($134 on top of what we’re planning to spend on the actual gift)


To have your entire holiday meal taken care of. ($146. That includes buying the food, cooking everything, and doing the dishes)
To make sure the turkey was perfect. (an extra $108)

To guarantee no one at dinner argued about politics. ($152)
To completely avoid your in-laws this year. ($158)
And the thing we’d pay the most for is to find our Christmas spirit again, and really enjoy the holidays like when we were kids. ($259)

If you add it all up, that’s $1,445 worth of holiday stress.