Do you give your pets their food in a dirty dish?

Think about it, would you leave a dirty plate out overnight and use it again?

How good are you about washing your pet’s food and water bowls? Because apparently, we don’t do it nearly enough…

According to experts, you should be washing them EVERY DAY in hot, soapy water, then letting them dry before you use them again.

And on top of that, you should disinfect them by running them through the dishwasher or soaking them in bleach water at least once a week.

According to the National Sanitation Foundation, food and water bowls are one of the top five most germ-covered spots in most homes.

And it doesn’t just affect your pet’s health. It can affect YOUR health, too, if they track it all over the place or lick you.

Here’s how often you should clean other stuff, like your kitchen sink and toothbrush holder!