How to deal with chub rub in this summer heat! (So that’s what you call it) I just call it- sweaty thighs…

For the most part, we love our thighs. They’re great. They provide adequate cushioning for […]

For the most part, we love our thighs. They’re great. They provide adequate cushioning for all the sitting we do.  But in the summer, when they are freed from their daily cages of denim and tights, they are the source of much pain and dismay.

The hot weather can be a hazard to our upper legs! We need protection from the onslaught of pain, sweat, and rubbed raw skin caused by one thigh getting intimate with the other while we stroll around in our cute sundresses and shorts.

It’s Chub Rub season, here’s how to deal with it!

1. Slather those puppies with Vaseline or Oil…

It reduce friction by liberally applying body lotion or Vaseline in any areas that are going to rub up against each other while you’re strolling around in the summer. It works!

2. Or go the opposite route and use some talcum powder…


Sounds like it would make the friction worse, but adding baby powder to your thighs makes sure sweat doesn’t come into play… 

Johnson’s makes a mini-size of their baby powder which you can carry around for top-ups during the day.

3. Yes, you can apply deodorant in places other than your armpits…

If thigh sweat is causing an issue, you can try applying your regular antiperspirant to the area. This works in a similar way to the baby powder method, making thighs dry enough that they don’t stick and drag.
4. Create a Barrier…. I know, the thought of wearing any additional clothing in the heat does not sound like a good idea…. But Spanx makes helps create a buffer when thighs touch denim shorts, especially….


5. DON’T SHAVE…Wait, what?


You know what makes friction even more unbearable? Stubble.  Unless you’re one of those mythical beings that can shave every day and be perfectly smooth at all hours, don’t bother with a razor. That stubble will scratch your thighs into oblivion.