How To Live As Long As Betty White!

Life goals, to be like Betty White!

As we all celebrated the amazing life of Betty White on her 97th birthday last week, Buzzfeed has reminded us of Betty’s tips for living a long and happy life which she once shared on The David Letterman Show.

Betty suggests getting eight hours of beauty sleep a night, nine if you’re ugly.

She also believes you should never apologize, as it shows weakness. She reminds those that want to make more money, that a slip and fall case is the best way to earn some quick cash. 

A very important tip that Betty shares is not to Tweet photos of your private parts.  Betty swears that making a nightly appointment with Dr. Johnnie Walker is a must and to ditch the health food for a slab of pork. 

Most importantly, don’t dwell on past mistakes and don’t die.