How to take a pregnancy test using Toothpaste

I think I'd rather pee on the stick!

Ladies, its test we take in hope of becoming pregnant or in sheer panic. You have that feeling, but no test… Oh, what to do?

Now there is a homemade test you can try. WARNING! This is not fool proof.

Here’s how to conduct the test using nothing but toothpaste and your pee.

Your hormone levels are at their highest in the morning. Grab a clean cup. Wee in the cup than take another clean cup and squeeze in some toothpaste. The toothpaste needs to be plain white, no fancy stripes or anything else.

Slowly pour in your urine; equal parts urine and paste. Make sure you pour slowly than mix them together. Wait for about 3 to 5 minutes. If the toothpaste has done nothing -YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT

It apparently works the same way as an actual pregnancy test,  the HCG in your body caused by pregnancy has a chemical reaction with the paste.

If you are pregnant is will appear foamy and bluish… WATCH!