Chicken can be tricky!

Rule number one, don’t leave chicken on the counter to thaw…if someone leaves poultry to thaw on the counter, it can reach a temperature danger zone” of 40 degrees to 140 degrees where bacteria can grow and multiply rapidly.

Once meat is exposed to a threatening zone, foodborne illness, or food poisoning, can happen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns on their website. The CDC estimates that about 1 million people get sick from eating contaminated poultry every year.

The Safest Way To Thaw Chicken!

To thaw chicken safely, do so in the microwave. Place the package of chicken inside the microwave and press the defrost button.

The other options are to run the chicken under cold water or let the meat begin to defrost on the bottom shelf in the fridge.

Also, never rinse your chicken with the hopes of removing bacteria. The splashing water spreads bacteria around…