How To Trick Or Treat Safely! Hershey Releases A Safety Guide For Each Country and Region

Be safe!

Halloween is the best, especially when it falls on a weekend. This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, there will be a full moon and oh yah, a pandemic!


The site offers a breakdown of cases in each country and region of that country and the guidelines from experts there.


The maps are colour coded also.  Red means the area is a high risk for trick or treating and green means the area is a low risk!


Based on the colour/risk of your area, Hershey has recommendations on how to celebrate the day!

For example, for “orange” areas, Hershey recommends a socially distant neighbourhood candy hunt or neighbourhood drive-by costume parties. 

For “yellow” areas, Hershey suggests a decorate-your-own spooky face mask party.


As of right now, Canada appears to be in the yellow zone. 


Check it out!