If You Wear These Shoes, You’re Boring and Basic!

Which shoes are cooler?

Here are the sneakers you should be wearing according to style experts.

Adidas Gazelles have become the world’s hottest trainer over the past year, sported by content creators, style writers and celebrities, such as Katie Holmes and Gigi Hadid.

But one stylist says that the beloved shoe has now become so ubiquitous — that it’s now become a basic fashion faux pas.  

Charlie beats to her own drum…

But the $120 Gazelles, designed in 1966 for indoor sports, appear to be following in the footsteps of Stan Smiths or Nike’s Air Force 1s — “killed.”

As for other shoe options, ballet pumps, loafers or another variation of a “neutral or slim” trainer will keep your outfits on-trend without buying into the next trend…