If You Won $10 Million, It Would Take You Seven Years To Spend It

If given $10 million, how would you spend it and how long would it last?

According to a new survey, the average person says it would take them SEVEN YEARS before it was spent.  There’s a small percentage (11%) that say they would blow it in less than three years.

The survey found 10 ways that people would spend it!


The 10 practical ways are:  Investing, giving money to family, savings, buying property, paying off debt, charity, setting up funds for your kids, buying a car, traveling, and starting a business.


The top 10 things people would splurge on are:  A dream home, traveling, a vacation home, luxury vacations, the latest technology, a sports car, new clothes, a private island, diamond jewelry, and fancy restaurants.


About 37% would donated some to charity and 36% say that they would set up a fund for their children. About half of people asked said the first thing they would do is help out those closest to them!