In honour of National Puppy Day, Here Are The Best Puppy Movies!

Do you have a favourite dog movie?

Movies about dogs are not only entertaining but fit for any age to watch and love. These are some of the best movies about dogs.

BOLT (2008)
Starring an acting superhero canine and an owner who would do everything for her dog, this movie is a must-watch and is easily one of the many fantastic Disney movies all about pooches. It tells the tale of Bolt, the superstar acting canine who thinks he actually has real powers. After a mistake in the shipping, Bolt finds his so-called powers put to the test and has to traverse lands he never thought he’d set foot in.

Rather than being a story that centers around the love between a pet and its owner, this heartwarming movie explores the life of this charismatic dog and brings with it endless laughter, a few tears, and a truly memorable experience.


Losing a beloved dog is hard for an adult, let alone a child. People don’t have the same possibility as the main hero of this movie, a boy named Victor, who decides to bring his dog Frankenweenie back from the dead. He succeeds but causes trouble because of it. Tim Burton has a characteristic directorial style and Frankenweenie fits right in.

The movie has a lot of heart as it captures the bond between Victor and Frankenweenie but can be scary at times, especially for the youngest audience. What’s certain is that the dog Frankenweenie doesn’t disappoint, (un)dead or not. Burton has based the movie on his 1984 live-action short movie of the same name, but the animated version got more attention from the public.

MARLEY & ME (2008)

When many think of dog movies, Marley & Me is the first one that comes to mind. If any viewer hasn’t experienced this wonderful movie then be prepared for a world of love, cuteness, and unbelievable heartbreak. While not for the faint of heart, Marley & Me is one of the most classic and well-told love stories between a dog and its owner. It’s one that will make viewers adore their dogs and hold them a little closer that night.


While some may argue that Lassie is the best exploration into perhaps one of the most famous live-action canines in cinema, it’s Lassie Come Home that is undeniably a more enjoyable experience. This is purely due to the fact that it includes the original dog and is the first story to introduce viewers to the most loving relationship seen on screen in years.

It tells the tale of a family who had to sell their beloved Collie, Lassie much to their son’s attempts to stop them. Luckily, Lassie has other plans. All this and more make this movie one of the most classic and well-known dog movies ever made. Here’s the remake trailer!


The concept of dog reincarnating until he fulfills his purpose is something that rarely appears in movies. A Dog’s Purpose focuses on the dog Bailey (who also has many other names) who spends multiple lives with different people but keeps looking for his first beloved owner, the boy Ethan. The movie is bittersweet at times as ugly things happen both to Bailey and his owners.

What makes it come across as optimistic is the love between people and their dogs that will be familiar to everyone who’s ever had a dog. The movie offers a parade of talented dogs as well as a solid cast, with Dennis Quaid in the leading role. Based on a novel by W. Bruce Cameron, the movie did well and got a sequel in 2019 that’s also streaming on Netflix.


As one of the most highly rated dog movies, Old Yeller is a classic that stands the test of time, especially due to the fact it’s a Disney movie. However, don’t let that fool anyone, this movie is not a cute experience for young children unless they can deal with perhaps one of the saddest scenes in cinematic history. Old Yeller is like Marley & Me but so much better yet so much worse at the same time, it’s truly heartbreaking. Nevertheless, Old Yeller tells the tale of a boy and his stray puppy who fall in love with each other at first sight. It’s a coming-of-age story with a love of dogs thrown into the mix, making it a truly wonderful movie.


Disney seems to be at the heart of some of the most believed dog movies ever made. After all, they do seem to have a knack for telling fantastic love stories. So, when the skill in animation, particularly animals, is combined with arguably one of the greatest love stories to ever be told, Lady And The Tramp is born.

It’s a heartwarming and exciting exploration into the love between pristine and unconditionally loved Lady, and the rough but mysterious stray.

101 DALMATIANS (1961)

Most lovers of dog movies have a certain favorite. If that dog lover is a Disney fan then it’s typically a debate between either Lady And The Tramp, or 101 Dalmatians. Now each is just as good as the other, but 101 Dalmatians really feels like a classic and is much more popular with critics and movie fans alike.

This is due to the hilarious moments between the puppies and henchmen which is accompanied by a villain that no one can ever forget and a tune that will be stuck in viewers’ heads for weeks.


Along with most of Wes Anderson’s movies, Isle of Dogs has a very interesting yet slightly obscure take on the traditional style of dog movies many have grown to know and love. It’s a stop-motion that bears a strong resemblance to the style of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Only this time, it has an entire island of dogs to enjoy.

With a cast of incredible A-list actors to enjoy, Isle of Dogs tells the tale of a young boy as he explores the dystopian island in which all dogs have been banished to in order to stop the spread of canine flu. This search and the directing talents of Anderson make this movie a must-watch.


The tension is palpable, the excitement is mounting and the heady scent of competition is in the air as hundreds of eager contestants from across America prepare to take part in what is undoubtedly one of the greatest events of their lives — the Mayflower Dog Show. The canine contestants and their owners are as wondrously diverse as the great country that has bred them.