Innisfil Baker Places 2nd at National Gingerbread Competition

The attention to detail is unbelievable

Congratulations to Beatriz Muller, (Owner of ‘Cakes by Beatriz‘) after an impressive 2nd place entry in the National Gingerbread House Competition in North Carolina on Nov. 17.

It took 50 hours to draw the blueprints and 530 hours to make it and the entire house is edible.

Here is the description and inspiration behind her epic creation:

Perspective was inspired by Escher’s Relativity and Cinta Vidal’s Gravitas surreal paintings. It is a multidimensional piece and it shows a world where people are living among each other but on different planes of existence, with different worldviews, and the illusion of separation without realizing that they are all connected, sharing the same hopes and dreams for a better future. Surreal architecture calls into question the concept of stillness and movement, rigidity and constant flux, the concrete and the abstract, and buried within the dream is reality.

You’re probably wondering what could have possibly been the 1st place creation…

Beatriz has been featured in a number of magazines and TV ads.

Her latest masterpiece is a Mercedes-Benz G Class SUV…

Visit her personal creations at Cakes by Beatriz!