Introducing the French Fry Car holder

No more trying to balance your fries between your legs while driving.

Sure, there’s a drinks holder for your coke – or milkshake if you’re going all out – but when it comes to your burger and fries you’re pretty limited as to where you can place it.

While some leave the food in its bag for when they get home, others want to pick at their fries while they drive – but it seems it’s almost impossible without making a mess or leaving them so long that they go cold.

What a Dilema… Until now…

The holder is shaped so that it perfectly slots into your car’s drinks holder. It then has an opening big enough to securely hold a portion of regular fries – which is great for those who like a standard meal, but not so great for those who tend to go large…

The only downside? There isn’t a holder for your burger, nuggets, or sweet and sour sauce. We know, it’s a travesty – but at least it’s a step in the right direction, right?