It’s Going To Be A Huge Weekend At The Box Office With The Release Of The Barbie Movie and Oppenheimer!

The excitement over the double feature has been dubbed “Barbenheimer”

“Okay Barbie, let’s go party,” indeed. According to the latest figures, the Barbie movie has sold the most presale tickets since James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water hit theatres back in mid-December of last year. 

Cineplex says two days before opening “Barbie” had 200,000 ticket presales in Canada and was head-to-head with last year’s box office hit “Avatar: The Way of the Water.”

Barbie is projected to open to at least $90 million, with projections now speculating that, based on presales, the film could earn as much (if not more than) Avatar 2‘s $134M opening weekend.

Cineplex says the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon is taking hold in Canada, with nearly 345,000 advance tickets purchased for two of the biggest Hollywood movie releases of the year.

If you are purchasing tickets online, be aware of the service fee.  You will be charged $1.50 for each ticket bought online. These charges don’t apply if you purchase your movie tickets at the theatre.