Jason Momoa Is Hosting This Year’s Shark Week on Discovery Starting July 23rd!

Who better to host the most exciting week of summer TV than Aquaman himself!

Fun Fact: Jason Momoa dreamed about a career as a marine biologist before he became an actor, so aside from playing an ocean god in a DC movie, this may be the perfect gig for him!

“My heart is in the ocean,” Momoa told The Associated Press from Tahiti, moments before taking a trip to swim with some of the apex predators. “Doing ‘Shark Week’ is a no-brainer.”

Momoa will be the week’s recurring master of ceremonies, dipping in and out of the channel’s roughly 20 new hours of programs that start Sunday. Episode encores run most nights, too.

This year, viewers will get to see rare sharks off the coast of South Africa, examine deadly shark attacks off the posh beaches of Egypt’s Red Sea and investigate whether sharks in Florida waters are getting high on cocaine.

The week kicks off with a show called, “Belly of the Beast: Feeding Frenzy,” where researchers try to produce a great white shark feeding frenzy by building a life-sized dead whale carcass decoy!

Another MUST-SEE show is “Cocaine Shark,” which premieres Wednesday and examines whether the occasional bricks of cocaine abandoned by drug smugglers affect shark behaviour. ( I smell a new movie franchise) 

Discovery’s “Shark Week” has a rival — its programming coincides with National Geographic’s “SharkFest,” which also has hours of sharky content over four weeks.

“Shark Week” was born as a counterpoint for those who developed a fear of sharks and a desire to eradicate them after seeing “Jaws.” It has emerged as a destination for scientists eager to protect an animal older than trees.