Jimmy Fallon has a new Gig!

Jimmy Fallon will be in charge of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.  Fallon will host […]

Jimmy Fallon will be in charge of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.  Fallon will host the three-hour ceremony that’s scheduled to air Jan. 8 on NBC, the network said Tuesday.  Fallon takes over from last year’s host, Ricky Gervais, whose biting style of humour brought groans as well as laughs.


Looks like there’s gonna be a few more people returning to the neighbourhood…


The news didn’t go over well with fans when HBO decided to fire 3 veterans of the show. People flooded social media to criticize the decision and beg Sesame Workshop to bring back Bob McGrath (who’s been there for 45 years), Emilio Delgado and Roscoe Orman. Many also pointed out the show was wrong for retaining younger cast members while discarding the ones who have been there since the beginning.   Now here’s the good news. Late last week, Orman told Buzzfeed News the outrage from fans helped Sesame Workshop realize they were an integral part of the show. In particular, the three actors who were let go might come back to the series in the near future.


Shannen Doherty’s breast cancer has spread and she’s had a single mastectomy.


Shannen Doherty, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2015, called the mastectomy “traumatic and horrible.” But said the trauma of the surgery hit her when she got fitted for a new bra.

But how did she know something was wrong?

Doherty credits her dog Bowie for constantly sniffing at her right breast!

The former “90210” star recently shaved her head and shared the intimate moment on Instagram. But the main reason she wanted to share her story is to hopefully help someone going through the same thing.