Joe Exotic Launching GoFundMe To Help With Legal Fees

What do you do when you can’t pay for a good lawyer?  Launch a GoFundMe page!

Joe exotic is currently serving 22-years in prison after he was found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin and for violations of animal welfare laws and is now looking for help.



He needs about $500,000 to pay lawyers to handle ongoing issues with his rival.

Reports say that he owes Carole Baskin $10 thousand from a dispute over the zoo he used to own, plus he owes $1 million to her Big Cat Rescue organization as part of a trademark infringement lawsuit.



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He wrote a lengthy post on GoFundMe and is appealing to the GoFundMe team to approve his page.



On his GoFundMe, he wrote: “I will walk out of prison with my clothes on my back, a $1 million judgment and no home or clothes. “My health is deteriorating and prison has not been kind. Simply put, I cannot get a fresh start until I pay @$&#!%! Carole Baskin back.”



And if this isn’t bad enough for Exotic, back in November, Joe was transferred to a medical facility after being diagnosed with an “aggressive” form of cancer.