Justin Timberlake Reveals That *NSYNC Has ‘Been In The Studio’

Maybe the group will be a part of JT's tour?

Justin Timberlake appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, and teased that *NSYNC has been making music together. 

“We’ve been in the studio,” he said. “So there may be a little something in the future.” 

Timberlake nodded as the audience erupted, and talked about how much fun it was for the group to record “Better Place” for Trolls Band Together last year. “It’s kind of crazy,” he said. “There’s so much that picks up right where it left off as far as chemistry.” 

*NSYNC then appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards to present Taylor Swift with the Moonperson for Best Pop. 

Speculation has been rampant that there may be more to come, but only after Timberlake releases his new album and finishes his tour.