Kathy Griffin Shaves her head in support of her sister

Kathy Griffin has shaved her head to show support for her sister Joyce, who's currently battling cancer.

An image of the 56-year-old comedian was shared by journalist Yashar Ali on Monday showing her smiling and patting her bald head after the buzz-cut.

Griffin’s mother Maggie – who was seen on her daughter’s show My Life on the D-List – was pictured holding her hand over her mouth as she pats the comedienne’s bare head.

Griffin, an Oak Park, Illinois native, has a tragic family past with cancer, as she lost her brother Gary, 63, three years ago in the wake of a what she called ‘a brutal struggle’ with esophageal cancer in an Instagram post memorializing her lost sibling.

Griffin hasn’t spoken publicly about her sister’s fight with cancer. She does have five siblings, including Joyce. In a Wall Street Journal interview in 2015, she shared that the two shared a room growing up.