KFC Introduces A New Finger Spork!

It really is, finger Lickin' Good!

KFC unveils the new finger sporks to make its sides as finger-lickin’ Good- literally-as its fried chicken!

Get your fingers on (and in) this playful eating utensil you never knew you needed. Introducing KFC Finger Sporks, KFC’s new ergonomic and gastronomic piece of tableware-tech that will make all your KFC favourites (literally) finger-lickin’ good.

The spork will be available for free with the purchase of a KFC sides Lovers Meal on the KFC mobile app, KFC.com or in restaurants while supplies last.

KF’s Finger Sporks is an ergonomic and gastronomic piece of tableware-tech that’ll bring out the fun in family dinner.

So, what makes it different from their regular sporks? KFC Finger Sporks are a new spin on the original sporks that KFC helped popularize in the early 1970s when Colonel Harland Sanders adopted them as the utensil of choice for all of his Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. 

According to their press release, KFC’s Finger Sporks make it more fun to scoop out your mac & cheese, retrieve that last piece of corn and delight in your mashed potatoes.

To use, simply place your finger in the KFC Finger Spork, dip said finger into your favourite KFC side item and then elevate the vessel into your mouth.