Kim Kardashian Launched A New SKIMS Bra, With a Built-In Nipple!

The garment you didn't know you needed!

The reality star has launched a new SKIMS bra, with a built-in nipple, providing’ perfect fullness with a built-in, faux nipple for a perky braless look.’

‘Some days are hard,’ says Kim. ‘But these nipples are harder.’

For those of us who sat in cold school assemblies, terrified our nipples might stand to attention underneath our school uniform or clothing, this is quite the U-turn.

Gone are the days of hiding them away – now, the nipple is the ultimate fashion accessory.

Since the #FreeTheNipple campaign, women everywhere have enjoyed ‘normalizing’ and embracing our nipples.

For what it’s worth- ‘Naked fashion’ itself is a stand-out trend of 2023, with celebrities like Rita Ora, Dua Lipa and Florence Pugh all-embracing the no-bra look at high-profile events.