KOOL VIRAL: KFC’s Latest INCREDIBLE Marketing Scheme!

This will sell out faster than the PS5 and Series X combined!

KFC has really been doing the most this year, and we’re HERE FOR IT!

Not only did they release a Colonel Sanders dating simulator, a KFC “romance” thriller mini-movie, and now? A console?

The KFConsole is REAL and it’s set to be releasing soon!

The company partnered up with PC company, Cooler Master to get the unique case built.

The specs aren’t a scrub either! The console is said to be able to run Cyberpunk 2077 on ULTRA 4K at 240 FPS.

That’s INSANE. My home PC can’t even do that!

Check out the trailer, because yes, it even heats your chicken:

So anyone else lining up for this?