Laundry Hack: You Only Need To Use The “Quick Wash” Cycle!

What does the "Eco" setting even do?

Washing machines have all sorts of setting, like “Hand Wash,” “Eco,” and “Heavy Duty.”  New ones might even have specific cycles for jeans and baby clothes.

But this guy say you don’t really need all those options, just always use the “EXPRESS” cycle.  Noah Michelson hosts the HGTV show “The Laundry Guy”, and says it’s the only setting he EVER uses.  Warm water, and “Express” cycle.

“It’s long enough to get your clothes clean, but it’s short enough not to cause any damage.”

Longer cycles like “Heavy Duty” cause more wear and tear on fabrics.  So you end up needing to replace your clothes and towels more often.

Why do all those other settings even exist then?  He says they USED to be useful.  But detergents, fabrics, and washing machines are better now, so we don’t really need them anymore.

They only exist because we’re creatures of habit.  If you’ve always done your laundry on the “Heavy Duty” setting, you probably won’t buy a new washer unless it’s got that setting too.