Le Chateau Is Back, Baby!

The Canadian Store Unveils A Holiday Dress Collection!

Le Château, was once a mall staple across the country, but it sadly filed for creditor protection in October 2020 after pandemic restrictions forced stores to close and cancelled events like proms, weddings, galas and parties which are key drivers of the retailer’s dress sales.



The beloved Canadian retailer is making a comeback thanks to Suzy Shier who bought the retailer! Suzy’s Inc, the company behind Suzy Shier acquired the retailer and is set to relaunch next spring.



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Franco Rocchi, senior marketing director of Suzy/Le Château, says the full collection planned for 2022 will include footwear, accessories and menswear, with women’s dress wear available in select Suzy Shier stores across the country.



You can now find a new collection of evening wear ahead of the holidays online. It’s time to get your party back on!

In June, Suzy’s agreed to buy Le Chateau’s intellectual property, retaining much of the brand’s dress design team and keeping operations in Montreal.