Leanne’s House Log

Day 46 of the House Hunt...

We hit a another snag in our house hunt. Slimey sellers.

We found this amazing townhouse being sold by the owner. Again, great location, fit our style perfectly, just beautiful. They told us it had been on the market for a week and there were no offers on it yet. Since we knew that they were having an open house on the weekend, we thought maybe we would put in an offer right then and there on the spot since we loved it so much.

Then 5 minutes after that, our agent calls their agent to let them know about the offer, and they told us 2 other offers just happened to come in, in those few minutes it took us to write up an offer. They went on saying those two offers were higher than ours and they were too low to be considered. Plus they wanted to wait until the open house on the weekend to see what happened.

Fine. Fair enough. We figured if we were the seller, and in this market, we would probably wait until after the open house to make a decision too. So we planned to call Saturday night and put our best offer on the table.

Turns out, the house didn’t even make it to the open house. It sold on Friday, for only a few grand more than what we originally offered.

After a scream and a sigh, I realized obviously it wasn’t meant to be… and then I started trying to force a list of everything that was wrong with the house to make myself feel better.

Ah well. On to the next.



(Image Source- hrgurus.com.au)